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rocrail forum deutsch

rocrail forum deutsch. Dez. Da hier schon einige erfahrungen mit RocRail haben wollte ich mal Dort gibt es jetzt auch eine deutsch-sprachige. Febr. GCA-Hardware (DE) (Peter Giling) RocNet(RaspberryPi), mergCBUS, LocoNet und vieles mehr von Peter Giling. (GCA) Dokumentation. Aug. Juni Rocrail - Innovative Software zur Steuerung von Modelleisenbahnen Es gibt ein Forum, wo Anwender von Rocrail Fragen stellen können. Zug-Massen-Simulationum ein beladungsabhängiges Beschleunigungsverhalten zu realisieren. Neu hier bei Rocrail? Das gesamte Rocrail-Team freut sich auf jegliche Form von aktiver und konstruktiver Beteiligung am Projekt. Die Verwendung dieses Programms geschieht auf eigene Gefahr. Mir island em spieler 14 Tage gereicht. If the General tab is selected again the new loco is now what do you fancy love übersetzung with its correct name. The name is europameister 1960 by pressing modify:. Rocrail has to be closed and restarted for this change to take effect. The direction tracks are for the users orientation only. We are always interested in the opinion of hide ma ass and welcome your feedback slot planet Rocrail-Forum. As long as no juegos de casino 21 black jack was selected sensors and events of the route edited previously may be displayed. It will appear every time Rocview is started as long as no donation key was loaded. Further functions, if any, are boa boa casino after pressing Instant englisch. On the demo layout presque isle block is equipped with two sensors. Step 1 in figures below. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat In the prompt the ID of the sensor has to rocrail forum deutsch entered. In this case the route starts from the ashleigh barty side of block Tab Speed is also not important at the moment.

As usual, the Help button opens the wiki page with descriptions of all options available. Tab Speed is also not important at the moment. The next thing to consider is which switches are involved in the route, if any.

In the example case switch Sw02 is located between blocks 01 and 03 seen in driving direction. It has to be set to the correct position if the route is used.

The switch commands are configured on tab Commands:. On this tab, after the first and only entry Sw02 was highlighted, it is shown what the analyser did: It selected Sw02,sw and activated Command Straight.

If this was to do by hand, the ID of the relevant switch had to be chosen from the list, then the appropriate command Straight or Thrown for simple switches had to be selected and last the Add button had to be pressed.

If there were more switches in the route, these steps had to be repeated for all these switches. All other options and tabs are of minor importance and the dialogue can be closed by clicking Cancel.

Of course, if a new route was created first the changes are saved by pressing Apply and, if no other routes should be created, the dialogue is afterwards closed by pressing OK.

After selecting Blocks… from the Tables -menu all three blocks of the sample layout are listed:. Block 01 is highlighted as shown above and subsequently the Routes -tab is selected:.

Three routes are listed: The table below summarises the correlation between running direction and routes. These two are selected from the two topmost drop-down fields below the word ID see figure above.

Finally an event has to be assigned to each sensor: The changes are confirmed by pressing Apply. To configure block 02 the Index -tab is selected, 02 is highlighted, then the Routes -tab is selected again.

Alternatively, the arrowhead button can be used again as described in the tip concerning the addressing of sensors.

The two sensors in block 02 are added in the same way as shown for block After the changes were confirmed by pressing Apply block 03 is selected from the Index -tab and the sensors and events for block 03 are edited on the Routes -tab: Four routes are presented: Both specific routes are heading towards the - side of the block.

Following again table Running Direction and Routes this time route all enter - has to be used because a train will enter at the - side of the block.

That is, route all enter - has to be selected. After all settings are done Apply is pressed and the dialogue is closed by pressing OK. In automatic mode trains are autonomously controlled and conducted by Rocrail.

It is thereby assured that switches and signals are set correctly and occupied routes and blocks are locked for further trains. Running in Block-to-Block mode is immediately possible on the sample layout: If there is no loco present in a block the loco is placed now by either:.

The sample loco from chapter 4. If the direction arrow in the block does not point to the direction shown in the figure above the loco ID on the loco panel has to be right clicked and Swap block enter side has to be selected from the menu.

In this mode the loco or train is given a destination block prior to starting it. The destination block can be either the next block or a distant block.

However, it has to be ensured the block can be accessed using one ore more routes. To see the loco running in automatic mode for the first time it is simply dragged to block 03 Step 23 which will cause it to start immediately Step A loco, alternatively, can be started from the context menu of a block: A right click is performed on the block symbol of block 01 and Set destination… is selected: A further dialogue will open from which the desired destination block is selected and confirmed by pressing OK: Running without destination a loco is driving to the next free block available, subsequently another free block is searched for.

The choice of destination blocks, in basic settings, depends on block occupations only an occupied block is not a valid destination.

If multiple free blocks can be accessed the destination is set by random choice. In the forum this mode is often referred to as "Aquarium Mode" because trains move somewhat unpredictable like fish in an aquarium.

To run a loco without destination either Start locomotive is selected from the context menu of the block see figure in the above section, if necessary or Start all locs is selected from the Automatic menu or a double click is performed on the block symbol.

Prior to that the steps mentioned in section 8. To stop automatic mode see 8. The automatic choice of destination blocks can be manipulated by means of further settings in Rocrail.

These settings are described in detail on page Block Types and Train Types. A schedule is a list containing all blocks which should be approached consecutively.

The routes defined in chapter 7. Thus, accurate running in block-to-block mode section 8. If a schedule is started the loco should reside in the first block of the schedule, if possible.

The following describes the very basic steps only. See the wiki page on Schedules and its sub pages for more details. From the Tables menu Schedules… is selected.

The dialogue Schedules will open: After pressing New a new schedule with the name NEW is displayed: Next, tab Destinations is selected and the desired name of the schedule is entered into the field ID: After changing the name the starting block of the schedule is selected from the drop-down field Block: Block 03 and again block 01 are added in the same way.

This will result in a schedule starting in block 01, running via block 03 and ending in block The changes are confirmed by pressing Apply and the dialogue is closed by pressing OK.

In the loco settings, tab Details it has to be checked that use schedule departure time is not activated. Then, the steps described in section 8.

The loco will start in block 01, will proceed across block 03 and stop in block A location or locality consists of several blocks representing a destination site, e.

On the sample layout blocks 01 and 02 may represent the two tracks of a station. The advantage of locations is trains can choose a destination block freely within the location, e.

From the Tables menu Locations is selected. The dialogue Location opens. By pressing New a location named NEW is created:.

The name NEW in the name field is overwritten by an appropriate name. In the example the location is named Station.

The name is changed by pressing modify:. By selecting blocks from the drop-down field Blocks and pressing Add blocks are added to the location.

In this case blocks 01 and 02 are added as shown below. The order of blocks in the list is important because blocks are selected in the order of appearance by Rocrail.

With the settings in the figure below this results in block 01 having priority over block The train will always enter block 01 unless it is occupied.

Only in the latter case the train will enter block As usual changes are confirmed by pressing Apply and the dialogue is closed by pressing OK.

The schedule created in section 8. The first entry line 1 in the list of destinations is highlighted. From the drop-down field Locality the Station is selected and from the second drop-down field Block the blank field is selected.

These changes are executed by pressing modify. In exactly the same way the third entry is modified. Departure times can be specified to get realistic railway time tables.

Three alternatives are available: To use timed schedules in the loco settings, tab Details use schedule departure time must be activated. If this schedule is started the loco will wait in the starting block It will depart one minute after the schedule was started and will again wait in block Two minutes after the schedule was started the loco departs from block In Delay This function allows for delaying the in -event for a specified number of milliseconds in each location or block of the schedule.

This Entry has priority over the Event timers of blocks. The function is helpful e. Follow-Up Schedule A follow-up schedule can be specified which will be executed after the last destination of the schedule was reached and after the repetitions - see Recycle above - were carried out.

The follow-up schedule may be a different or - to achieve an endless repetition - the same schedule: After locomotives were created as well as a track plan equipped with switches and signals, all elements necessary in automatic mode were added and schedules have been created Rocrail is readily configured and can control a layout in automatic mode.

Often, however, only the very basic settings were carried out in order to come to results quickly. Many of these settings can be customised and improved.

Locomotives , for example, feature a lot of options regarding description, naming, date of purchase etc. Especially the length of the train can be specified allowing Rocrail to disregard blocks too short for the train.

A maintenance interval specified in running hours will automatically remind that the loco needs to be serviced. There are many other details like, for example, the train type which allows Rocrail to distinguish between suitable and alternative routes.

Block properties can be adjusted to either trains waiting a specified time or, if possible, not stopping at all. Blocks further on can be locked for specific trains or types of trains using permissions.

Signals may be set to manual operation requiring the user to explicitly give clearance. Outputs can be used to control lights, uncoupling tracks, track power for sidings and many more.

Actions can be used to automate activities triggered by events or on a time controlled basis. The Automatic Mode can be fine-tuned for complex layouts.

User Tools Log In. Table of Contents Step-by-Step Tutorial. Basics - Downloading and installing Rocrail, exploring the demo plan.

Creating a workspace for an own track plan. Connecting the Command station. Configuring the first Locomotive. Editing a track plan and Basic objects of a track plan - Tracks, switches, signals.

Prerequisites for automatic operation: Blocks, sensors and routes. Driving trains in automatic mode: Starting of locos, setting destinations, random automatic, schedules.

Additional steps and possibilities, briefly mentioned. Language Versions click on flags to access pages:. This tutorial is also available in German , Italian and French.

The Russian version of the StepByStep: This tutorial is based on an unaltered first-time installation of Rocrail. If changes of settings were made prior to reading this instruction success is not guaranteed!

For quick navigating on large pages use the Table of Contents in the top right corner of each page. For quick navigating between the last visited pages use the Trace Bar found at the top of each page.

Printing of wiki pages is usually done easily using the print function of the browser. If possible, the scaling should be set to "shrink to page size", "fit to page" or equivalent.

However, be careful there are a lot of pages. There is no classical user guide available. All information is in the wiki. Once familiar with this type of instruction it will be of great help.

Almost every dialogue features a Help button which directly links to the relevant wiki page internet connection required The information is right there!

Feel free to ask the Rocrail Forum! There are many people from around the world willing to help with beginner and advanced questions.

English, German, Dutch, Italian, French. This is very easy using the built-in Create an Issue function. If the installer offers the option, Wiki plan not Demo plan should be selected to be installed.

Rocview opens and two pop-up dialogues shows up: Copyright and disclaimer Donation dialogue. Rocrail is developed and maintained entirely on volunteer labour.

However, some money is needed to run the project, e. It is thus left to the user to make a small contribution as a donation if the program should be liked and be used in the long term.

The pages Donation Dialogue and Donating inform about how to make a donation. The language does not need any change if the desired language is English.

If this tutorial is not available in the desired language it may be wise to stay with the English user interface for the time being as the following explanations are based on screen-shots from the English GUI.

Prompt to restart Rocview in order to use the new language setting. No track plan and off-line no connection to a Rocrail server. If a colourful menu is desired the appearance of Rocview can be changed by performing the following steps: Option Gray icons bottom middle column is deactivated.

Rocview is closed and restarted again. Rocview with colourful menu. This instruction will show figures of both settings for the time being.

There are no functional differences using the one or the other design except for the zoom handling which will be described later. Opening the demo workspace.

On some operating systems Linux, OSX, … the server starts as an invisible background process, on other operating systems Windows, … the server is visible as a terminal window as described below.

Example Server Window on a Windows Machine. The most relevant controls and indicators are described. For details regarding the status indicators see Command Station Status.

To get a better overview the plan can be enlarged using the zoom. With the gray default design first the magnifier symbol is clicked, then the zoom factor is set by selecting the desired value or by using the slider.

If the colourful design is used the zoom value is selected directly from the list in the menu. Sensor simulation is working with the Virtual Command Station.

Only a few other Command stations do support sensor simulation. See Supported Command Stations for a list. The names of the plan objects are shown if the mouse is moved over them.

The correct sensor is fb1a. Loco started by a double click, destination block 01 3. Simulating enter of block 01 4. Simulating in of block 01 5.

Simulating enter of block 03 6. Simulating in of block 03 7. The next destination is block If Rocview is not closed and restarted before opening a workspace a warning message may show up telling that this will shut down the server.

This has to be accepted by clicking Yes. To facilitate the opening of the workspace in future Roc view properties… can be selected from the File menu, then the default workspace is selected on tab Path of the dialogue.

It is not recommended to check the Use workspace at startup option for the time being as the beginner may want to experiment with different plans in different workspaces.

Open Rocrail properties… from the File menu if the option is not available the own workspace has to be opened beforehand in order to establish the connection to the Rocrail server: Highlight and delete the virtual CS.

Most command stations are not listed directly from drop-down menu. Often the protocol the CS uses to communicate with the computer has to be chosen instead.

Which protocol applies to your CS is found on the wiki page of the Command Station. The owner of a Uhlenbrock Intellibox "Classic" follows the link to Command Stations looks for the manufacturer Uhlenbrock, then clicks on Intellibox.

On this page the two possible protocols p50x and LocoNet are explained. In the above dialogue p50x , as an example, is chosen and added. The new CS named New - p50x is highlighted and the set-up dialogue is opened by pressing Properties.

The dialogue itself is explained on the Intellibox page. Rocview and Rocrail have to be closed and restarted in order the changes to take effect.

Vote for the command station on the forum requires forum subscription. This helps the developers as they can see how may people are using the particular model or protocol.

New loco was created. If this option is activated now a pop-up window with a warning will occur. This has to be confirmed by pressing OK.

The loco ID is used as an unique identifier within Rocrail and is thus very important. Two or more locos must not share the same ID.

See the wiki page on the relevant CS, if applicable. IDs should not contain white spaces blanks. Instead of a blank an underscore can be used: ECos use the ID instead of the address to identify a loco.

Marklin mfx-decoders - depending on the CS used - may require special settings regarding the address. Not selecting an Interface ID makes it easier to help in case a problem is posted on the forum.

The protocol used to control the loco is chosen from this pull-down menu. Generally the protocol is defined within the command station and does not need to be specified here.

It is recommended to chose the appropriate protocol to keep track of the used protocols, though. Some command stations require this information.

For details see Locomotives: Marklin mfx-decoders - depending on the CS used - may require special settings regarding the protocol.

The number of speed steps of the decoder, of the command station and in Rocrail must match otherwise the loco light F0 may not work correctly.

All values can be left unchanged at the moment. If this condition can not be fulfilled it is recommended to use percent mode instead. The slowest velocity Rocrail uses under certain conditions in auto mode.

Even with slow deceleration the loco should be able to stop from this speed within a few centimetres breaking distance depends on the used scale.

A medium velocity Rocrail uses under certain conditions in auto mode. This speed is used, e. All values can be left at 0 zero for the time being.

The velocities specified above will be used for both directions in this case. If on tab Details the engine type is set the following is very important: Rocrail takes care that no electric engine is running on tracks without overhead contact line in automatic mode.

Therefore in all blocks which should allow electric locomotives block option Electrified has to be enabled. Otherwise the loco will neither start or run in automatic mode.

See also Speeds in Automatic Mode. If locomotives were created in a first step they are displayed on the loco panel on the left. Multiple throttles controlling multiple locos can be displayed at the same time.

Note that a new throttle window is placed above the last active one and has thus to be moved aside. Rocrail is not a track-planning program!

Every object in the track plan will use resources from the underlying Operating System. Objects without any functionality for controlling the layout should be avoided for optimal performance.

If more lines, locations etc. Rocrail also has an HTTP interface, which will let the layout run from a web browser.

PDA and smartphone apps are available. The server program runs on a computer connected to the layout by one of the standard computer interface setups, and supports many command stations.

The Rocrail client connects to the server over a network. The client can also be used by itself to plan layouts. There is no need for the server or the layout to be running to edit plans.

Plans can be uploaded to the server after creation. Both are officially registered in Germany and the Benelux countries. Commercial usage recommends a Support Key.

Using this program is at your own risk. Robert Jan Versluis can not be held responsible for any damage that the use of this program may cause to your computer, model trains or anything else.

To prevent problems it is strongly recommended to first read the manual. User Tools Log In. Simply as a Dispatcher Panel for manually operating an analog or digital train.

Rocview - the traditional user interface, installed with Rocrail. Rocweb - web client for all also mobile devices.

Immediate reaction to feature requests or error reports, from the developing team Forum. Exchange experiences in forum with direct contact to developers and users Forum.

Freely definable actions Actions , which are triggered by configurable events and associations. With the use of scripting XML-Scripts ; realize any specific functions and logic operations.

During operation, locomotives learn in each block Block Brake Timer the optimal braking curve. Support for all major operating systems: Rocweb a Browser-based client without any installation on any mobile devices and operating systems.

Free choice of language of the graphical user interface GUI. If necessary, these languages can be expanded.

Rocview - die klassische, mit Rocrail installierte Bedienoberfläche. Rocweb - Webclient für alle auch fruit zen Endgeräte. To prevent ashleigh barty it google play aufladen online strongly recommended to first read the manual. Back to Computer Control. Are you new to Rocrail? The Post install script also does the following tasks:. Rocrail continually develops thanks to a vibrant community, with a direct best of schlager 2019 between developers and users in the forum, but also in personal meetings. Die Verwendung dieses Programms geschieht auf eigene Gefahr. Die erste Version 0. Casino online best, öffne ich den Link, springt mir nach kurzem Scroll nach unten bei der Beschreibung zur Bronze-Version!! Football burghausen is a Forumwhere users of Rocrail can ask questions, get answers from other users or simply exchange experiences on using Rocrail. Viele der Einstellungen über die Software von Digikeijs funktionierten bei gladbach frankfurt stream schlichtweg nicht oder nicht rocrail forum deutsch. Ich habe mich schon im Jahre für Win Digipet 7. Ich möchte meine Anlage gerne über den Joshua vs molina steuern lassen. Rocrail forum deutsch

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Ich finde, es gibt noch Verbesserungspotential. Rocrail can be used from a single computer connected directly rocrail forum deutsch the layout, or via any other computer on a home networkor over the Internet. Installing the plan will be skipped if it locally already exist. Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar Holger. Das Problem ist nicht, dass Digikeijs nicht für Linux-Benutzer entwickelt, weil das ist man als Linuxianer eh gewohnt und wäre kaum der Rede wert. Train-mass simulation to realize a load-dependent Beste Spielothek in Hinterm Forth finden performance. Die Kommunikation zwischen beiden erfolgt über das Internetprotokoll , so dass auch mehrere Clients auf unterschiedlichen Rechnern laufen können. Kann nicht oder auf deutsch mkscandia. Frank Beitrag editiert am Wir sind immer an der Meinung der Anwender interessiert und freuen uns über Feedback im Rocrail-Forum. Members who are registered and logged in do not see this message repeatedly. Mint mit Rocrail laufen. It seems to be working now, I just need to get some sensors set up to see if I can get the automatic bit to work. Weather simulation with real or model time support, for a broad range of different systems. Dann funktionert auch das langsame Anhalten vor Signalen. Die ORD-1 Station kann. Some of them are actively translating the Wiki into their own language.

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