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Aarhus GF Seite auf clemencelle.eu bietet Liveergebnisse, Resultate, Tabellen und Spielinformationen (Tore, rote Karten, ). Aug. Aarhus GF gegen FC Kopenhagen Wett Tipp: Fundierte Analyse mit Head-to- Head Vergleich und aktueller Performance. ✓ Statistiken. Aarhus GF - Fussball, Dänemark. Mit Facebook anmelden. Anmelden. REGISTRIEREN. Deutsch. English · Français · Español · Polski · Русский · Türkçe .

To promote the "cluster" the School of Architecture will be given new school buildings centrally in the new Freight Station Neighborhood , planned for development in the s.

In the interim the city council supports a culture, business and education centre in the area which may continue in the future neighbourhood in some form.

The future occupants of the neighbourhood will be businesses and organisations selected for their ability to be involved in the local community and it is hoped the area will evolve into a hotspot for creativity and design.

Aarhus has developed in stages, from the Viking age to modern times, all visible in the city today. The street network in the inner city formed during the Middle Ages with narrow, curved streets and low, dense housing by the river and coast.

By far, the largest part of the present day city was built during and after the industrialization of the late s and the most represented architectural styles are historicism and modernism , especially Danish functionalism of which there are many fine examples.

It is smaller and less impressive, but it was the first cathedral of Aarhus and founded on an even older church constructed in ; the oldest stone church in Scandinavia.

Parts of this former church were excavated in the s and can now be experienced as a crypt beneath the nave of Vor Frue Kirke. Tivoli Friheden Tivoli Freedom opened in and has since been the largest amusement park in the city and a tourist attraction.

Aarhus Theatre from in the Art Nouveau style is the largest provincial theatre in Denmark. Aarhus is home to many annual cultural events and festivals, museums, theatres, and sport events of both national and international importance, and presents some of the largest cultural attractions in Denmark.

There is a long tradition here in music of all genres and many Danish bands have emerged from Aarhus. Libraries, cultural centres and educational institutions present free or easy opportunities for the citizens to participate in, engage in, or be creative with cultural events and productions of all kinds.

Since , Aarhus has marketed itself as Smilets by City of smiles which has become both an informal moniker and official slogan. In , the city council opted to change the slogan to "Aarhus.

Danish for Progress" but it was unpopular and abandoned after just a few years. Aarhus has a range of museums, including two of the largest in the country, measured by the number of paying guests, Den Gamle By and ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum.

The iconic glass structure on the roof, Your Rainbow Panorama , was designed by Olafur Eliasson and features a promenade offering a colourful panorama of the city.

Libraries in Denmark are also cultural and community centres. They play an active role in the cultural life and host many events, exhibitions, discussion groups, workshops, educational courses and facilitate everyday cultural activities for and by the citizens.

In June , the large central library and cultural centre of Dokk1 opened at the harbour front. Dokk1 also includes civil administrations and services, commercial office rentals and a large underground robotic car park and aims to be a landmark for the city and a public meeting place.

The building of Dokk1 and the associated squares and streetscape is also collectively known as Urban Mediaspace Aarhus and it is the largest construction project Aarhus municipality has ever undertaken.

There are also several cultural and community centres scattered throughout the city. Musikhuset is the largest concert hall in Scandinavia, with seating for more than 3, people.

Other major music venues include VoxHall, rebuilt in , and the associated venue of Atlas, Train nightclub at the harbourfront, and Godsbanen , a former rail freight station.

Aarhus Teater is the oldest and largest venue with mostly professional classical acting performances. Aarhus hosts many annual or recurring festivals, concerts and events, with the festival of Aarhus Festuge as the most popular and wide-ranging, along with large sports events.

There are numerous music festivals; the eight-day Aarhus International Jazz Festival features jazz in many venues across the city.

It was founded in and takes place in either July, August or September every year. NorthSide Festival presents well known bands every year in mid June on large outdoor scenes.

It is a new event, founded in , but grew from a one-day event to a three-day festival in its first three years, now with 35, paying guests in Danmarks grimmeste festival lit.

Aarhus also hosts recurring events dedicated to specific art genres. International Living theatre ILT is a bi-annual festival, established in , with performing arts and stage art on a broad scale.

The festival has a vision of showing the best plays and stage art experiences of the world, by presenting the best stage art companies of the world, while at the same time attracting stage art interested people from both Aarhus and Europe at large.

Notable events of a local scope include the university boat-race, held in the University Park since , which has become a local spectator event attracting some 20, people.

The beech forests of Riis Skov and Marselisborg occupy the hills along the coast to the north and south, and apart from the city centre, sandy beaches form the coastline of the entire municipality.

There are two public seabaths, the northern Den Permanente below Riis Skov and close to the harbour area, and the southern Ballehage Beach in the Marselisborg Forests.

As in most of Denmark, there are no private beaches in the municipality, but access to Den Permanente requires a membership, except in the summer.

The relatively mild, temperate marine climate, allows for outdoor recreation year round, including walking, hiking, cycling and outdoor team sports.

Mountain biking is usually restricted to marked routes. Recreational and transportational pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, radiate from the city centre to the countryside, providing safety from motorised vehicles and a more tranquil experience.

Originally used to cultivate fruit trees and other useful plants for the local citizens, there are now a significant collection of trees and bushes from different habitats and regions of the world, including a section devoted to native Danish plants.

Marselisborg Forests and Riis Skov, has a long history for recreational activities of all kinds, including several restaurants, hotels and opportunities for green exercise.

There are marked routes here for jogging, running and mountain biking and large events are hosted regularly.

This includes running events, cycle racing and orienteering , the annual Classic Race Aarhus with historic racing cars, all attracting thousands of people.

Sections of the forest comprise trees and vegetation representing specific climatic epochs from the last Ice Age to the present. Dotted across the landscape are reconstructed Stone Age and Bronze Age graves, buildings from the Iron Age, Viking Age and medieval times, with grazing goats, sheep and horses in between.

Aarhus has a large variety of restaurants and eateries offering food from cultures all over the world, especially Mediterranean and Asian, but also international gourmet cuisine, traditional Danish food and New Nordic Cuisine.

There are increasingly more outlets inspired by other cultural flavours such as sushi , kebab and currywurst. Aarhus has a robust and diverse nightlife.

The nightlife scene offers everything from small joints with cheap alcohol and a homely atmosphere to fashionable night clubs serving champagne and cocktails or small and large music venues with bars, dance floors and lounges.

Clemens with A Hereford Beefstouw restaurant across the cathedral. Ordering "a set" suffices in most bars and pubs. The brewery is located in the southern district of Viby and a large variety of their craft brews are available there, in most larger well-assorted stores in the city, and in some bars and restaurants as well.

The Aarhus dialect, commonly called Aarhusiansk Aarhusian in English , is a Jutlandic dialect in the Mid-Eastern Jutland dialect area , traditionally spoken in and around Aarhus.

Aarhusian, however, still has a strong presence in older segments of the population and in areas with high numbers of immigrants, surprisingly. Like other dialects in East Jutland, it has two grammatical genders , similar to Standard Danish, but different from West Jutlandic dialects, which have only one.

The municipality actively supports sports organisations in and around the city, providing public organisations that aim to attract major sporting events and strengthen professional sports.

In recent decades, many free and public sports facilities have sprung up across the city, such as street football , basketball, climbing walls , skateboarding and beach volley.

Several natural sites also offer green exercise , with exercise equipment installed along the paths and tracks reserved for mountain biking.

Aarhus is the principal centre for education in the Jutland region. It draws students from a large area, especially from the western and southern parts of the peninsula.

The relatively large influx of young people and students creates a natural base for cultural activities. In addition to around 25 institutions of higher education, several research forums have evolved to assist in the transfer of expertise from education to business.

The university has approximately 41, Bachelor and Master students enrolled as well as about 1, PhD students.

Aarhus Tech is one of the largest technical colleges in Denmark, teaching undergraduate study programmes in English, including vocational education and training VET , continuing vocational training CVT , and human resource development.

The latter is offered through the Centre for University studies in Journalism, granting degrees through the university. In , it merged administratively with the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, which was founded in VIA University College was established in January and is one of eight new regional organisations offering bachelor courses of all kinds, throughout the Central Denmark Region.

It offers over 50 higher educations, taught in Danish or sometimes in English, with vocational education and it participates in various research and development projects.

With an enrolment of approximately students, it teaches in five main departments: Aarhus has two ring roads ; Ring 1 , roughly encircling the central district of Aarhus C, and the outlying Ring 2.

In the inner city, motorised traffic is highly regulated, larger parts are pedestrianised and in the s, a system of roads prioritised for cyclists have been implemented, connecting to suburban areas.

The main railway station in Aarhus is Aarhus Central Station located in the city centre. Aarhus Letbane is an electric light rail or tram system that opened in December , connecting the central station and the inner city with the University Hospital in Skejby and also replaced local railway services to Grenaa and Odder in late It is the first electric light rail system in Denmark and more routes are planned to open in coming years.

Tickets for the light rail are also valable in local yellow bus lines. There has been much discussion about constructing a new airport closer to the city for many years, but so far, no plans have been realised.

The bicycles are available from 1 April to 30 October at 57 stands throughout the city and can be obtained by placing a DKK 20 coin in a release slot, like caddies in a supermarket.

The coin can be retrieved when the bike is returned at a random stand. Bicycles can also be hired from many shops. Aarhus is home to Aarhus University Hospital , one of six Danish "Super Hospitals" officially established in when the regions reformed the Danish healthcare sector.

It is today the largest hospital in Denmark with a combined staff of some 10, and 1, patient beds, across five locations.

The hospital is divided in four clinical centres, a service centre and one administrative unit along with twelve research centres.

Private hospitals specialised in different areas from plastic surgery to fertility treatments operate in Aarhus as well. Ciconia Aarhus Private Hospital founded in is a leading Danish fertility clinic and the first of its kind in Denmark.

Ciconia has provided for the birth of 6, children by artificial insemination and continually conducts research into the field of fertility.

With a reputation as a serious news publication, the paper has always included news from Jutland in particular, but somewhat less so since its promotion as a national newspaper in the s.

Today it is one of the three bestselling serious newspapers in Denmark, the others being Berlingske and Politiken. Danmarks Radio has a large department in Aarhus with over employees.

The station broadcasts regional news and current affairs television and radio programmes. The school works closely with Aarhus University, where the first journalism course was established in Aarhus is home to 32 consulates and the city is twinned with seven cities, all co-operating in the spheres of public schools, culture, welfare and commercial interests.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the city in Denmark. For the convention on public participation, see Aarhus Convention.

For the meteorite, see Aarhus meteorite. City in Central Jutland, Denmark. From top and left to right: Smilets by City of smiles.

For further information about politics, see Aarhus Municipality and List of mayors of Aarhus. List of parks in Aarhus. List of educational institutions in Aarhus.

List of twin towns and sister cities in Denmark. Petersburg , Russia since Turku , Finland since List of people from Aarhus.

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Retrieved 12 January Archived PDF from the original on 30 December Archived from the original on 11 August Retrieved 20 July Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 12 October Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 23 August With Glen Riddersholm as manager AGF finished the season in tenth place having won 3 games, drawn 7, and lost 5 in the remainder of the season.

In the season AGF finished 11th after having played relegation play-off matches in the new league structure introduced that season.

On 30 September Riddersholm was fired due to inconsistent results. At that point AGF was 7th in the league having started the season with 4 wins, 5 defeats, and 2 draws.

New manager was David Nielsen who started with 4 consecutive league defeats but finished the season in 7th place after losing a European play-off final against FC Copenhagen Galehuset , The front Danish: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules.

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Since , AGF has played 68 seasons at the highest level in Danish football, which is a record.

AGF has also played 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retired numbers in football. Aarhus Gymnastikforening in European football. Archived from the original on 17 June Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 8 August AGF — current squad.

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KFK established departments all over the dart aktuell, while its headquarters remained in Aarhus where its large grain silos still stand today. Flemming PovlsenJan Bartram and John Stampe was the profiles [ clarification needed ] in the team. Ciconia has provided for the birth of 6, children by artificial insemination and continually conducts research into the field of fertility. It is the first electric light rail system in Denmark and more routes are planned to open in gennady golovkin nächster kampf years. Archived from the original on 14 August Pamphlet of seven routes "sunbeams". Larger ships and growing freight volumes made a river harbour increasingly heads and tails. Archived from the original PDF on 29 November Tivoli Friheden Tivoli Freedom opened aarhus fc and has since been the largest amusement park in the city and a tourist attraction. Some Danish cities resisted the new spelling of their names, notably Aalborg kings casino stream Aabenraa.

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